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Planned Preventative Maintenance
Taking out a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) package for your Door Entry System can give long term benefits to the customer and tenants. It will help the customer to fulfill their legal requirements for safety and ultimately reduce expenditure.
Door Entry Systems Installed London and Kent
Intercom Repairs in London, Kent and Essex
Our PPM package charge is £70 per block - no matter how many flats/intercoms you have in one block!
For three blocks or more to be serviced at once there is a reduced rate of £50 per block (with the blocks not necessarily having to be in the same location)

Why Is Maintenance Essential?
  • Prevent reduced operational lifespan
  • Avoid unnecessary early replacement of systems
  • Keeps your door in a safe and efficient condition
  • Allows planning for required expenditure
  • Limit and control overall maintenance costs
  • Early identification of potential problems
Door Entry / Intercom London Kent
Our PPM Packages may include the following service points:
  • Ensure correct operation of intercom system
  • Make sure the door and systems are functioning correctly
  • Ensure correct operation of internal manual exit buttons
  • Check magnetic door locks and contacts for correct operation, condition and security
  • Check power supplies for correct function and indication
  • Check standby batteries for cleanliness and correct charge
  • Check tightness of all connectors and terminals
  • Ensure door locks open in the event of failure of both mains and battery power supplies
  • Ensure door locks open in the event of a fire alarm activation
  • Oiling of hinge and adjusting closer
  • Checking of door entry locks and switches
  • Cleaning and oiling of stainless steel to prevent surface chlorination (in coastal areas)
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