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Never lock yourself out of your house again
Bin Rooms for New Build Properties
Paxton Fob System supplied and installed by Access Buzzers
Protecting Families when Fostering


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Access Buzzers on Pinterest

Access Buzzers on Pinterest

Pinterest I hear you say?

What is Pinterest many people have asked, well this is the place to find and keep pictures you love.
At Pinterest you will be able to find pictures of items you love and pin them to a board you have created. A pin is a visual bookmark of the picture you love, click on the picture and you will see where the picture originated from.

Access Buzzers will be adding pictures of Door Panels we love and then you'll be able to pin them to tell us which you like the most.

Never lock yourself out of your house again

Do you need access to a property when you are not there or perhaps the resident just can't get to the door?

Have you ever thought of a Key Safe?

Key Safes are a proven and practical solution to the problem of leaving a key safely for others to use.

Key Safes are used by Councils and other public sector businesses as well as personal users.

Key safes have a metal housing with a weatherproof sleeve which bolt firmly to your house. The key is deposited and locked securely behind the removable keypad.

Bin Rooms for New Build Properties

Bin Rooms for New Build Properties

We are requested by numerous Managing Agents to provide door closers and keypads on bin sheds at the new build properties that are popping up everywhere.

These bin rooms provide a place for the residents to secure their wheelie bins and boxes however the doors are often left open for non residents to leave their own rubbish in these rooms.

By adding a door closer and keypad this ensures the door will shut behind the last person to leave the bin stores with the keypad providing the extra security that only residents who know the code can access the room.

Paxton Fob System supplied and installed by Access Buzzers

Paxton Access Proximity Fob System supplied and installed by Access Buzzers

Access Buzzers were requested by a firm of solicitors in London to help with the security of their building, they wanted to control who had access to the offices.

Implementing a new security system is a big decision for any company as it is changing the companies practice so by providing a Paxton Proximity system it would give the company the benefit of additional security without any time consuming administration.

Access Buzzers were delighted to be requested to supply and install this system which was completed within one day.

Protecting Families when Fostering

Access Buzzers were approached by a foster care family who have a young family themselves. 

We were asked if we could help protect their offspring's privacy at night. They advised young children of a foster family are a forgotten risk when fostering, no one realises it involves the whole family. 

Access Buzzers have been able to install a system which can be switched on when required - which will be at night when the children go to bed in this instance - and if the door is opened when the alarm is activated it signals the parents in their room that the door is open so they are able to investigate.

Happy New Year 2012

Looking for an entry phone system check this out

Christmas Quiz - Day 1

Play this free Christmas quiz!
The Christmas quiz is great fun perhaps you can add it to your list of games to play at Christmas?!
The whole family can join in the fun of our Christmas Quiz - family, friends colleagues or google efforts are invited / encouraged.

A new set of questions will be submitted daily and answers revealed the following day, so don't forget to keep a note of your answers (or leave a comment below) and let us know how well you do:

Day 1:
1. What did Bart say when Marge suggested a family outing?

Why an intercom system?

Why An Intercom System?
If you’ve ever had to walk down the stairs to open the door to visitors possibly unwanted or shouted across your house or business you will benefit from anintercom system.
An intercom allows people to communicate instantly with each other through the push of a button. Once you experience the benefits of an intercom system, you'll wonder how you got along without one.
Here are just a few of the benefits people experience with intercoms:
  • Keep you from running up or down stairs to let visitors through the main door

Entry Phone Systems for Industry Buildings

Telephone Access Control Entry Phone systems for
Access Buzzers Intercom SystemWhether for high rise buildings, public buildings, administrative or community offices, commercials centres or office buildings, ACCESS BUZZERS offers optimum solutions for your property in London, Kent and surrounding areas.
  • Intercom systems for security
  • Visitor reception intercoms
  • Inter-Departmental intercommunication
  • Access Control Management for personnel, car parks and restricted areas.

How does an intercom system work?

Intercom systems are convenient and stylish additions to the modern home and come in a variety of different designs at varying prices – meaning you can tailor the cost to suit you!
Access Buzzers Intercom System Door Panel
Anintercom systemprovides security and convenience for your home

London is one of the busiest and most populated cities in the world and living in the midst of the chaos can be more than stressful at times - crime may be a worry and unwanted visitors such as door-to-door sales people can be a real pain. Fortunately, there is handy solution available to solve all these problems – installing an
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